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About our company

John Peel, the owner, attended HVAC/Plumbing school in high school and graduated top of class. Then went to work for a few companies, started out doing installation, then service, then sales and design. During that time John underwent a lot of training to keep up with the industry. After years in the business working for other companies, John decided that it was time to venture out into business because of a different vision as to how this industry should be run.


"The difference between a great technician and a good one is 15 minutes. Asking good questions and taking a genuine interest in what it is we do here is the most important part. Otherwise, why do it?"  So, the result is a company built on raising the bar as standard operating procedure. Our goal is to set and beat a 5 star expectation, and to show the value in what it is we do here. 

And the result is a company, the people who make it up, who are all here to provide solutions and peace of mind when it comes to your mechanical needs. We do our best day in and day out, and we stand behind our work. The pictures on this website are of work that we did. Should you choose us, know that you are in good hands.

NO anxiety  

NO pressure

NO gimics

NO ripoff!


Questions Answered. Service Rendered. Value. Happy Client!

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